Go For The Prize Applications

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Live Prize Apps Specialty Website
American History EveryCity.GUIDE
City Trivia Every.CITY (each city)
Countries (& Capitals) EveryCity.GUIDE
Math EveryCity.FAMILY
Spanish EveryCity.SERVICES
States (& Capitals) EveryCity.GUIDE
Vocabulary EveryCity.FAMILY

NOTE: When you get to the Specialty Website above, you need to then select your State and City to get to the Prize Applications. And more Prize applications are coming soon...


Our Go For The Prize Applications are written for two different user types.

  • Children can use these applications in "Unlimited Practice" mode, and when they feel they have mastered the information, they can try "Go For the Prize" mode to try and win the the prize set by their parent, teacher, or to win a prize offered by local businesses. But more importantly, as the children or students learn, parents and teachers do not have to constantly pressure them to learn and memorize -- all they have to do is set the prize and leave the children alone to earn their prize. You will be surprised to see how very well this works!
  • Adults can also use these applications, but they will generally use them in "Unlimited Practice" mode since they will generally not qualify for the prizes offered by local businesses as you have to be under 16 to qualify for those prizes.

Consequently, both children and adults can use these applications in "Unlimited Practice" mode without a Member account or even logging in if they have an account. However, once a child wants to compete for a prize, in order for them to meet the requirements set by the parent, teacher or business, a free Member account will need to set up for the child so the prize requirements can be set. To create the free Member account for the child, please follow the process below.

  1. Go to Every.CITY website
  2. Register as a Resident (free)
  3. Sign In using your User ID and Password
  4. From the Resident Admin screen, click "My Application Members"
  5. Create a free Member account for your child, and enter their nickname and a password
  6. Set the criteria for earning the prizes (number of problems, allowed minutes, and the prize)
  7. Return from the Resident Admin pages to the public website by clicking on "Go To <your city>"
  8. Go to the appropriate Every.CITY Specialty Website (see chart below)
  9. Click the desired Program Application graphic on the upper right
  10. Show your child how to Log In, using their Member ID and password
  11. Show your child how to pick "Unlimited Practice" or "Go For The Prize," and if they choose "Go For The Prize," help them choose either a prize provided by a local business, or the prize you set.
  12. Leave your child alone to earn their prize -- REALLY! (If they are not interested, either your criteria is too difficult or you need to provide a better prize)
  13. Enjoy how your child will work hard to earn their prizes, and more importantly, how they will learn top notch and rapid skills
  14. If they win their prize, a PDF of their results can be printed to prove they earned the prize that either you or the local Business will provide