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Residents & Consumers

Specials -- Save Money

Save money by taking advantage of the local specials posted by the businesses.

Master Event Calendar

Know about all the local Events, before they happen.

Stay Informed

Read the latest news items posted by local businesses and organizations.

Submit Requests for Products or Services

Let businesses compete for your needed products or services.

Ask Your Government

Submit questions to your local government about pot holes, building permits, etc.

Focus your Searches

Save time by using our Speciality Websites (on the right) that use the same database, but which restrict the events, specials, news items and businesses to only those items that are relevant to the Speciality.

Quick Links to other Cities & Counties

Customize your Home Pages with links to other Cities and Counties, along with which Speciality Websites you want displayed.

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Businesses & Organizations

Get Discovered

Join your local directory so customers can find you.

Share Events

Use the Master Event Calendar to plan and share Events.

Share Specials

Get free advertising! Increase your sales by posting specials.

News & Help Wanted

Post News items like a new product or service. Also post help wanted ads.

No Website Yet?

We can build your website for only $100, plus hosting. And your Specials, News, Jobs, etc. can feed to Every.CITY automatically.


Advertise with us at extremely low rates, starting at $99 per year.

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Chambers, BBB's & Associations

Support your Members

Provide your logo next to the business listing of your members.

Encourage New Members

By providing the logo, those without the logo will want to join.

Increase Business Sales

The more ways you can get your member businesses in front of the consumer, the better, especially with your logo displayed.

Your Own Admin Functions

You will have your own Admin Page to quickly add and delete membership status changes.

Import Your Membership

In most cases, we can quickly import your membership into the Every.CITY website.

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Local Governments

Grow Your Economy

Keep money in your community with a local business directory.

Master Event Calendar

Reduce scheduling conflicts and maximize attendance.

Keep your Residents Informed

Post specialty calendars, FAQs, local government websites, and other helpful resource links.

Relocation Information

Provide DMV, Voter Registration, Tax ordinances, business registration processes, etc. to better help new residents get acclimated

Accept Questions from Residents

Answer submitted questions and build a searchable Knowledge Base while doing so more information is available to your residents.

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Revenue Sharing Partners

Post Featured Items

Identify and share the most significant items of interest on our full or Speciality City or County websites.

Encourage Business and Resident Registrations

Work with us to develop local registration drives.

Sell Advertising to Promote Increased Local Sales

By promoting our websites, both businesses and residents will be better served.

Share the Advertising and other revenues

Generata regular monthly income while working at home.

Play an Active Role in Your Community

Be in the know and connected to everyone and anything interesting that is happening.

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Speciality Sites:

The stand-alone websites below pull from the same database as Every.CITY, except the events, specials, news, businesses, etc. are limited to the specific speciality.